EDTR 606 Keystone

5 Best Social Media Tools for Small Business

This training agenda provides training for small business owners who hope to gain some insight and knowledge in the use of social media tools in their business.  I can accommodate up to 12 individuals in this training session.  

My name is Katharyn Levatino and I am currently in graduate school to become a Professional Trainer in Instructional Technology.  I am finishing up my second semester at the New York Institute of Technology.  I have chosen five different social media tools that I think would be very effective in either a small business or college classroom.  Most of the tools I chose incorporate pictures as opposed to text to get the point across.  Each one is teaching about authors of English Literature.


I have to admit that this was probably one of my favorite tools to use!  I have used other social bookmarking tools before, but had never heard of Pocket.  I liked that the site was so clean and easy to navigate.  

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