Thomas Roy

  • The right to safety: to be protected against the marketing of products and services that are hazardous to health or to life.
  • The right to be informed: to be protected against fraudulent, deceitful, or grossly misleading information, advertising, labeling, or other practices, and to be given the facts needed to make informed choices.
  • The right to choose: to have available a variety of products and services at competitive prices.
  • The right to be heard: to be assured that consumer interests will receive full and sympathetic consideration in making government policy, both through the laws passed by legislatures and through regulations passed by administrative bodies.
  • The right to education: to have access to programs and information that help consumers make better marketplace decisions.
  • The right to redress: to work with established mechanisms to have problems corrected and to receive compensation for poor service or for products which do not function properly.

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