My name is Tom Thyne and I am 18 years old. It is June 6, 1861, it has been almost two months since the war broke out. I have been recently drafted into the Union to join the war cause.  Before the war broke out I had lived with my family, but only two of us were drafted, my uncle and I. My uncle was stationed at West Virginia and I was stationed at Ohio. It was pretty distant but we'll make it through.  This map below displays where I lived before I was drafted.

Day 1: When we wake up we have four activities that we must accomplish before it is mid-day. Our first activity was to get up and make our bed. Then we had our morning meal at our tents where we'd socialize and talk for the small time we had. Third we had our march around camp, as hot as it is, it was difficult. For our finale activity we did our daily shooting to improve our accuracy on the field. Our afternoon activities are no different from the ones we do in the morning, like where we march around the camp. Some activities are different though, like how I get to write in this journal. Others like to write to their loved ones at home but I can't, I'll worry them too much. Another thing we do is that we get our afternoon rations, since we're part of the Union our rations are so much better than the Confederate ones. Our finale activity is to get ready for bed to repeat the same process the next day. Other than those activities I help the war cause in two ways. One way I help is that I help the nurses with the wounded. Another way is that I help is that I give out the rations that we receive from the government.

Day 2:  Dear Uncle,

I hope that you are well these days. The battles are growing more fierce as the days go on. Just recently I have caught wind that you were sent to fight in the Battle of Phillipi. Though it was more viewed as a skirmish other than a battle, it still costed a few lives. Four is a low number, but people still died. Luckily you aren't one of the four that perished on the battlefield. Right? I have sent you this letter to ensure that you are safe and not deceased. Perhaps after the war things can go back to the way they were before the war.  

Day 3: We did our daily routine today. First thing we did was, as usual, get up and make our bed. Then we had our rations at our tents and talked.  Then we did our daily march around the camp. Then we did our target training about before lunch time. Soon it was lunch time and we marched around the camp. Then we got to write in our journals and write letters to our loved ones. We got our finale rations for the day and got back to bed. Today I helped the war cause in three different ways. One way is that I helped sew torn up clothes with the nurses. Another way is that I helped deliver bandages to the nurses. Finally I helped bake some of the food that I hand out during the day.

Day 4: Dear Tom,

I am glad to receive your letter and yes I am fine. We lost a few good men in the raid the Confederates started but we fought them off. Responding to your last question, I don't know if things can go back they were. Perhaps they can, but we have a job to do right now and that's protecting the Union. I send you my best regards.

Sincerely, your uncle

I can finally rest easy that I now know that my only family member in the war is still alive. This also means that he survived the Battle of Rich Mountain. There were more casualties on each side but we still won and my uncle is still alive so all is well.

Day 5: I have been scarcely writing in my journal, usually from long lengths of time between each other, I writ now because now there has been a terrible event. Abraham Lincoln was assassinated in a theater. This is so terrible, he was a great leader and president. his leader ship made us able to get through this war. The murderer is John Wilkes Booth, a Confederate to the end. His foolish actions brought the death of a great man.

The President was never really safe, especially since he was the leader of the Union. Some people didn't give up after the war. Some people just wanted Lincoln out of the picture. Some people said Booth fled and was hiding out in a barn in Virginia. Later officials found Booth and shot him. Good, an eye for an eye is what I said. The war was over, but shots were still fired. Our great president is dead, it's a shame too. He would've done great things.

With the president dead, the vice president will take his place. I'm not a politician so I shouldn't care, but Lincoln was a fair president. He fought for equal rights of all people, blacks and whites. That's why this whole war started right? Equal rights are a tricky subject, people are really touchy about them. Back on subject, this whole endeavor has been terrible and just not right. Since the war is over now I am finally home with my loving family. A lot of property has been damaged in the war and will take a large amount of time to repair, but our country is back to fixing itself and become the United States once again.

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