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Kathi Tailor is a 44 inch scaled hand sewed rag doll with a favour for traveling & discovering the world around her.

Kathi Tailor - 44 inch - 6 years old

There are a lot of stuff to discover outside into the real world for a 6 year old child - isn't it?  Therefore Kathi is spending a lot of time outside to join the nature.

She is also very familiar with cooking the right stuff. The first image above is showing her private garden which is placed onto the ledge.

Who is in need of a good bedtime story? Kathi is writing short stories about her adventures outside and she's collecting recipes with wholesomely cooked food for children.

Would you likek to meet Kathi? Her personal website isn't finished but you can join her coming soon page here: kathi-tailor.com

Proud To Be A Child

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