Summer 2013

Walk towards the sunshine, so the shadows fall behind you..

                                                            What I did this summer!

  • Turned 17
  • Helped move my sister home
  • Helped renovate my house
  • Worked

        This summer on July, 16th I turned seventeen. My family and I had a big family dinner with a home cooked meal and of course cake and cupcakes. Two of my favorite gifts that I got would have to be my car, and my pearl ear rings that my sister got me while on her trip in Spain. This summer I also helped my sister move home from Jonesboro. She is finishing out her senior year at Henderson and me and her spend lots of time together, partially because we work at the same place. Both my sister and I work at Twin Rivers Health and Rehab, and I spent my summer there working four to five days a week. Along with that, I helped my mom pick our paint colors and decoration to renovate the house. We got new flooring, new cabinets, a new deck, and re-painted the living room, kitchen, dinning room, laundry room, and our hall way.

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