Keep Calm and Be Safe on The Internet

Internet Safety

Internet Safety

Internet Safety

1. Don't give personal information to anyone. (address, phone number, etc.)

2.Tell an adult if you come across something inappropriate or uncomfortable.

3.Never say mean things online.

4.Never meet strangers in real life that you've met in the internet.

5.Don't answer emails or messages from a stranger.

6.Don't replay back a scary or mean message.

7.Be a good online citizen.

8.Obey the online laws or rules.

9. Never cyberbullying.

10.Never take pictures of you or someone else and post it to strangers.

The reason why these internet rules are important to me is because these rules means that keeps you safe or keep you away from consequences. For  instance, Strangers will attempt to tell your personal information but don't tell them. This will help me to not tell anyone who I  am online. It will also me to follow to stay away from consequences like  to not cyberbullying and follow the online rules. The internet is full of interesting thing but it can also be a dangerous place but following these rule will keep you safe and keep you away from consenquence.

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