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App 1 -

One interesting app I came about is called Woices.

This app allows you to record an audio clip that is geolocated allowing for a historical overview of the location entirely user generated. For students to study the history of a location before they would go on a field trip, this would be a great activity to supplement the experience as the kids will be experts in different areas of history.

App 2 - MindBlowing App for iDevices

This app seemed useful as a mindmap resource.

This app is unique because it allows audio, video, images and text to be used while mindmapping. This feature aids flexibility for students who are able to complete it in whichever method applies best to them.

App 3 - StoryKit

StoryKit is a resource that allows students to think freely and play around with different ways of telling stories. Firstly, it's a resource for reading books. What makes this program unique is that it lets you edit the story. Whether you want to rearrange pages of the book, or edit text of the story, or even draw over the pages and include images from external resources it's all possible (plus you can share it too!).

App 4 - Fotobabble

Fotobabble is, as they say on all over the website, a 'talking photo' application. Students can use this resource by taking photos, and then adding text and recording their voice. This clip can then be shared with other students or the teacher. In the video below, they demonstrate how it aids a 2nd language classroom and removes some of the stigma and pressure from face-to-face oral exams.

App 5 - Talking Tom and Ben News

Talking Tom and Ben News is a fun and easy to use resource for a social studies environment for students. For homework, groups of students could have to work on and later to present current news to the class via these videos. You are able to include video clips on the desk, get Tom and Ben to interact, add other user-originated content as well as the main feature, having your voice altered.

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