My Life Story

Hello there! Yes you! My name is Nathaniel Isaak and I live in Pittsburgh PA otherwise know as the Steel City. I have two brothers and one sister. We all go to PALCS and we have been here for 6 years.  I love to take photos and record. Also, I am knida a wiz on the computer. I have a Instagram which is @BassMusician . My whole family plays instruments or sings. I play BassGuitar and me and my sister play together when she plays her Guitar. My oldest brother plays Piano, my second oldest brother plays Drums, my Dad plays Piano as well, and my Mom sings, and finally my sister plays guitar and sings.

To get more comfortable of what Pittsburgh PA looks like this is one of the places we go to a lot. There is a place in it called the Cheese Cake Factory and that is the best restaurant to go to.

This is my Mom and Dad. Also, it is there anniversary this month. :D

This is a photo of my BassGuitar and amp. :D

This is a full view of Pittsburgh City. I took this on a parking garage.

This is a photo of me and my sister and brother being silly. Although, for some odd reason I don't have a photo of my oldest brother. If I ever get on I will show you it via PALCS mail.

Well, I hope this helped you to get to know me and my family and little bit better. Thanks for taking your time out and reading this!

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