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9th grade English
Payton Landry

Exposoitory Essay

Harry Brooks Adams once said,"Teachers affect eternity;no one can tell where their influences stop". Coach P embodies all of the characteristics of a special teacher because she gives all of her students/basketball players a chance to do thongs they may not have ever had a chance to do before in their lives.

Coach P gives her students and players chances that they may not be able to do. Like if they can't play basketball for some reason she still lets you some how be apart of the team. That is why everyone that gets to know her loves her. But, you have to really get to know her because other wise she looks mean. Well, not really mean but she is very intimidating. If get to know her she is really like a big fluffy teddy bear.

Coach P treats her students equally. No matter what all of her students do or go through she is always right there with them. Even if they may not be able to do everything everyone else might do like play basketball, if you show interest in it she will make sure that you are able to participate in it some way.

Coach P is very nice. That is unless you make her mad. Then she goes crazy on you. In order to make her go crazy on you though you have to be annoying to her or you don't listen to her. Anybody in their right state of mind knows to listen to what Coach P says though that's common sense. So for future reference don't mess with her or make her mad because you will regret it.

In conclusion, the special teacher that I am talking about in this essay is Coach P. She is very special to many people because is nice, she gives everyone equal chances to do different things. But, most of all she cares. That is a characteristic that is very hard to find in the world we live in today.

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