The Doctors Without Borders

Doctors without borders know no limits
By: Carolina

                                             Doctors Without Borders


                                                  By Carolina Shuler

Doctors Without Borders help the poor, the sick, and the injured. Doctors without Borders began in 1971 when doctors wanted to put patients ahead of politics.I would like to nominate Doctors Without Borders for the Nobel Peace Prize. The Nobel Peace Prize recognizes a person or organization that works towards peace and identifies a problem that needs solving. Doctors Without Borders saw the need for medical help in war-torn and disaster areas.

The organization was founded by 7 Red Cross workers. The organization was founded on December 20, 1971 in Paris, France. It was called Medecins Sans Frontieres which means Medicine without borders. The mission of the organization was to observe neutrality and impartiality and offer humanitarian assistance. The idea came from Raymond Borel.

Doctors Without Borders has offices in 19 countries.Each year the organization sends about 3,000 volunteers on emergency medical missions around the world. The doctors leave their families and work in remote villages to bring healthcare to people who have none.One-third of the Doctors Without Borders personnel are non-medical and bring other talents to help the people.

In 1972 the Doctors Without Borders provided emergency medical help when hurricane Fifi destroyed villages about 8,000 people were killed.They treated most of the found survivors some sick some hurt but they got the job done.

Doctors Without Borders has many essential qualities such as Independence and Neutrality. MSF is independent of outside influences such as the government.Unlike any other aid agency Doctors Without Borders (MSF) sets limits to an amount of government funding that they will accept because it often comes with strings attached. As a matter of fact, about 75 percent of MSF’s funds come from donors. This means MSF is independent. It needs to be able to respond quickly and where it feels the need is greatest. Another important quality of DWB (MSF) is Neutrality. MSF will never take sides with the military forces or any rebels.

But when it’s volunteers witness serious abuses of fundamental human rights, MSF speaks out.


In conclusion, I am nominating Doctors Without Borders for The Nobel Peace Prize because they have work towards solving a world problem such as lack of health care for people around the world.The organization saves many lives each year.

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