Ground breakers in Functionalism psychology

       William James is known as the father of psychology. He was a Functionalism psychologist. Someone who is a functionalism psychologist studies how animals and people adapt to their environment. William lived in the 1840's-1900's which was the Victorian Era. Populations were increasing at a drastic rate. There were no diseases to kill people and people were getting married young and having children so the population was growing a lot.

       William James wrote the first psychology text book and it was published in 1890. By William making these books he got very important in the world. Many students were using these books in school. He originally wanted to become a painter because that is what he loved to do  but since his parents were losing money he knew he had to provide for himself. He went to Harvard and did schooling for a psychologist. Living during  this time period forced him to have to go into a career that would make him more money even if he did not like the career.

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