Being a Workaholic Has Some Pros and Cons

People who are workaholics can be praised and criticized at the same time in both their personal and professional life. It is a kind of working approach which distinguishes a person from others but it is something which is not preferred widely. There are certain motivating factors that might influence an individual to turn into a workaholic such as monetary benefits, pleasure from work and various promotional avenues that a person may have.

Additionally there are few circumstances such as natural calamities including earthquake, flood and cyclone in which people are asked to work more than normal until the situation is defused or the crisis is over.

The pros of being a workaholic are that the amount of work you do is evaluated in the form of units as you perform more duties than others. Furthermore, it has been observed that people who are workaholics on average earn more as compared to non-workaholics. Such individuals become more experienced and skilled and are capable enough to handle any uncertainty that may occur during the working process.

As far as the consequences of being a workaholic are concerned such individuals remain adept in their chosen field but they hardly have spare time to learn anything other than their work. Therefore, such individuals remain dependant on others in order to seek help in areas other than their field of work. Usually such individuals will not be sparing time to get relaxed and remain glued to their system or laptop. Moreover, such attitude towards work increases the chances that individuals fail in maintaining healthy personal relationships with their spouses.

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