Kemel Ataturk

Thessaloniki, Turkey

Kemal Ataturk was born on May 19, 1881 in Thessaloniki, Greece. He was a Turkish army officer and reformist statesman. He became president by being elected once Turkey became a republic, he was also Turkey's very first president. He then embarked on a mission to make Turkey a modern and secular nation state.He supported a democracy government.

He wanted to build schools ,make primary education free and women were given equal , civil, and political rights. While the taxes on the peasants were reduced. Ataturk helped stop British and French troops from taking over Istanbul.

When Ataturk was 12 he was sent to military school in Istanbul. He graduated the year of 1905. He was part of a group called the Young Turks, he participated in the Young Turk Revolutionary in 1908. From 1909 to 1918, Ataturk held many positions in the Ottoman army.

Kemal's bravery in 1915 helped stop the Allied invasion of Dardanelles and since then he began to receive promotion after promotion until the 'Armistice of Mudros' ended the fighting in 1918.

SHOUT OUT: For being the very first President of Turkey.

Ataturk’s government joined the League of Nations, improved literacy rates and gave the women the right to vote.

His personal life: He was married 1923-1925, he never had any children but he adopted 12 daughters and one son.

On November 10, 1938 Kemal Ataturk died in his bedroom at the Dolmabahce Palace in Istanbul.

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