Bogotá is Columbia’s capital city and is also the largest city with 7.6 million people.

The second largest is Santiago de Cali with 2.4 million and the third largest is Medellin with about 2 million people.

Colombian currency

Columbia uses Colombian pesos for currency

Colombian peso = 0.00042 U.S. Dollars

1 U.S.Dollar = 2,375.30 Colombian pesos

Imports and Exports

Columbia’s main exports include crude petroleum, coal, coffee, nickel, emeralds, and bananas.

Columbia’s main imports include refined petroleum cars, computer equipment.

Tourist Attractions

Cartagena is a big tourist attraction for Columbia. It was an old capital of the Spanish Empire where you can see a big part of history in an extremely tropical climate. Walking the streets of the old city and seeing the amazing architecture is one of the few reasons tourist want to come back. But you can also go scuba diving and just enjoy the weather.

Another tourist attraction is Medellin. The city of mountains gets tourists attention from around the world with just it’s view alone. The famous artist Botero was also born in Medellin.

There is a Botero sculpture in Plaza Botero, Medellin.

The capital Bogotá just screams tourist attraction. Tourists are attracted to Plaza de Bolivar. Also the Gold Museum and Botero Museum. Mt. Monserrate is a common mountain to be taken up to for picture taking. About an hour from Bogotá is the popular Salt Cathedral which was basically a salt mine that was converted into a church.

The flag of Columbia

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