how do you engage with different audiences via social media?

blogging sites such as tumblr or twitter are aimed at a specific thing. you are able to follow accounts with either the same or similar interests as you and you choose to post, blog and share whatever you like. with things like Facebook you are able to connect with family and friends, this way you can always keep in touch and up to date with their daily lives.things such as pinterest or deviantart you can post, view and share art. also with pinterest you can follow people with the same interests as you

how to identify and grow your audience as a business or self employed person

to grow my audience I would post on a daily basis and keep the posts relevant to my social media. with deviantart I would try to post every other day and tag the same thing to keep the same interest with the audience.

how to find your audience

by tagging things that interest both me and the audience. the age group isn't really a problem for me as long as they enjoy the stuff I post. also by having things in common with the audience.

how would you engage with them?

I would compete in competitions or create them. I would also give feedback to any artwork I enjoy, I would also ask them to look at mine and give their point of view on it. creating groups will also help to engage with the audience, asking for ideas or help with a character design or just general feedback on my work.

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