Thing 3 Cloud Initiation

Quest 1, What is the Cloud?

      Lets say you were making a presentation for your biology class, and you had a terrible morning. You were doing some finishing steps while eating your breakfast, and you weren't looking, and you knocked your chocolate milk all over your computer... and its totally destroyed!  Luckily, you had saved your project to the cloud! The cloud is a group of servers, that hold an extra copy of work, pictures, and documents, that are all on your computer.  And when you would like to access these things, you can simply put in a password, and you can look for it. Its was made to help you... and its definitely got your back. So if something harmful happens to your computer, and your work product is on the computer,  they are safe in the cloud... untouched. Cloud is like the back up for your computer, so if you save it to the cloud, then there are now two copies, so you can still access it, if you can't on your original.