by: Dalton Blume

Poseidon is the god of the sea and earthquakes. He is brother of Zeus and Hades and son of Cronus. Poseidon's weapon is a trident which can shake the earth and shatter any objects. He had a strong passion for Demeter. To win her she wanted him to create a very great animal. Poseidon had failed many times creating what he was trying to create and ended up created many animals we see today. Then he finally created what he wanted which was a horse, but by the time he did create it his passion for Demeter had cooled down. After he lost interest for Demeter he married Amphitrite who was the daughter of Oceanus. Poseidon had a golden chariot witch he rode across the ocean and the wheels created very large waves. Creatures in the ocean would swim behind the chariot. Poseidon would often be jealous of Zeus because he had all the power and Poseidon was second in line to take control. Poseidon's son was Odysseus who was the ruler of Ithaca. So Odysseus was half god half mortal. Poseidon's nickname was the "Earth-Shaker".


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