Ancient Egypt

By Devon Badiali

Map Of Ancient Egypt

Stable Food Supply
what allowed the Egyptians to be successful farmers was they lived near the Nile River and they could grow crops. They also lived near Lakes and Seas. Also the Egyptians dug canals and trenches. The farmers got their food from vegetation which that grew crops like fruits and vegetables.

Social Structure
In the Social Pyramid Pharaoh is located on the very top of the pyramid. Pharaoh is the most important. Your placement on the pyramid shows how important you are. If you are on the bottom of the pyramid then your are the least important.

There were four gods worshiped by the Egyptians. There names were Horus, Osiris, Anubis, and Ra. Horus was an Egyptian god, originally from Upper Egypt in the Old Kingdom.
Osiris was an ancient Egyptian god of growing things, like the Greek Goddess, Demeter. That is why sometimes his face is green, like the Nile River.
Anubis was an Egyptian god. He was the son of Ra.
Ra was the Egyptian god of the sun. He was already well-known in the Old Kingdom. Religion is important to the social and political order.

System of Government
The Egyptians had a strong central Government. Religion played a big role in social and political order. Kings, generals, and religious leaders are responsible for their people. The major achievements were Khufu, Senusret, Hatshepsut, and Rameses.

The Arts
The Artisans rarely got respect from higher classes for their artwork. They were carpenters, jewelers, leather workers, metal workers, painters, sculptors, and weavers. Artisans made many beautiful objects, including stunning jewelry, and elegant furniture. Most artisans were men. Painters portrayed scenes of Egyptian daily life. Some women wove fabric, beaded clothing, and made perfume.

The ancient Egyptians invented a lot of things that made their life much easier. They made toothpaste because their bread had so much grit and sand it. They also discovered makeup because they noted that the makeup would protect their skin from the sun. They also discovered that writing would make their life easier because they could keep accurate records and maintain control of their large empire.

Written Language
The form of writing that the ancient Egyptians used was Hieoglyphics. The tools that the ancient Egyptians used for writing was Clay and Reeds. You knew what their writing meant because only men who came from classes of society could use scribes.

One connection that I can make is that during Ancient Egypt they ate bread and today we still eat bread. Another Connection I can make is during ancient Egypt they had toothpaste and today we still use toothpaste. The last connection is that they had a spouse and we have a spouse.

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