Is the IT Industry a Clean Industry?

By: Kelly, Summer, & Khrys'tena

Environmental Impacts

Positive Impacts:

The use of 'smart' products and newer technology has increased the efficiency of water and power use in everyday life and decreased the use of paper. 


Amount of resources used during manufacture

Speed at which products become obsolete and new ones are manufactured

The use of dangerous chemicals in the manufacturing process (affecting factory workers)

The amount of power consumed by IT equipment

The pollution caused by old IT equipment when it is discarded

Power Consumption

US found that electricity costs account for half of the total IT expenditure in businesses and the cooling equipment accounts for almost half of the energy used

Data Centers- buildings which contain hundreds/thousands of computer servers and the equipment required to cool them, all running continuously

large amounts of energy are consumed by data centers

source of energy is normally non renewable resources


Green Peace issues warning about data center power

technology giants such as Apple, Microsoft, Yahoo, and Facebook power their data centers with non-renewable energy sources

Green Peace estimates that data centers will use 1,962 billion kilowatt hours of electricity by 2020

Solution: renewable energy sources to reduce pollution

Power settings

Clock Speed

Blade servers

Virtual machines