The Diary
(A Historical Fiction Story)
By Hayden

May 23, 1906

It's been 3 days since I've seen my dad. He works in the mines, he is coming home today, I can't wait to see him!

Oh, I almost forgot my name is Helen, I live in France. I live with my mom, dad, and four brothers and sisters. My mom stays at home with us kids. My dad works in the underground mines. I'm the oldest child than there's William, Martha, Clarence, Thelma, and Catherine. My best friends are Dorothy and Alice they live down the street. I hope my dad comes soon.

May 25, 1906

It's been two whole days and my dad is still not home. Since dad is not home mom got a job today, the men make fun of her but, she doing it for the kids. It's been raining all day so Dorothy, Alice and I played inside all day. Charles and Edward (Dorothy's and Alice's brothers) came over today.

May 26, 1906

Last night mom went to the top of the mines and saw caution tap and asked the officer why there was caution tape and he said ''An underground fire sparked a massive explosion that spread thorough a series of mines killing over 1,000 men, two days ago mam,'' and my mom came running home and told us William and Clarence are going to get jobs tomorrow. And I will have to start watching Catherine, Martha, and Thelma.

June 28, 1906

The boys got jobs and now William is going to be in the military. I got a job as a house keeper. My mom is very ill so, the younger girls are with mom as the boys and I work. William and I were talking and he said '' Helen I'm a little scared to leave you alone with mom and the little kids,'' and I said '' Don't be worried I got it I will message you if something bad happens''.

May 24, 1907

My mom died today on my dads death day and William and I were in charge till they got old enough to get a job which wasn't long away. William became a miner and we all prayed every night that nothing would happen like when my dad died.

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