All Nighters Are a Thing

            Let me tell ya, there aint no rest for the wicked... Started out waking up early and going to the Vianden Castle, then we took a ski lift to the top of the hill where it was situated. The castle had rooms full of tapestries and weapons from the olden days. Pretty cool, even though I couldn't read any of the German information texts. I even got to shoot an old style archers bow and hit the bullseye of course! Not really though, missed pretty bad.  After the castle we went to a winery in the northern part of Luxembourg near the border of Germany. We toured the winery then tasted white wines and champagne. So basically I can impress the hell out of my next date no big deal. Afterwards we went to  Luxembourg city for their festival which is much like a parish festival on steroids. After some great sausage and food we went out on the town in Lux and had ball.

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3 years ago

1. I have a bad imagination so Im going to need more details to make the story come alive. 2. Definitely a fair share of grammatical errors as well. Overall Grade: C+