Concentration Camps Auschwitz-Birkenau

Concentration camp is basically a camp for Jews to live a long and slow death. The idea is that Adolf Hitler and the Germans wanted to wipe out the entire Jewish religion. The Jews basically were in a death sentence just mattered how strong you were or how lucky you were to live through the concentration camps. The reason was that Germans wanted to kill the Jews because while they were mentally killing them they were also getting work done.

The entrance to Auschwitz.


Concentration camps of Auschwitz and birkenau were used to get Jews to work to death to help the Germans. Jews were split up to women and men and nationality. Jews with higher social status were given easier work. But then the Jews on the lower end f the social status were given harder work.

This is a picture from the Auschwitz concentration camp.

Effects on the Jews in the camp

The effect of concentration camps were long lasting effects and made the Jews feel different the rest of their life. It made them feel different because some of the prisoners were very young and if they survived they had to live with that in their past for the rest of their lives. With all the diseases and the starvation the prisoners had living was almost cureless. Many of the Jewish survivors were so terrified to go back to live in the ghetto. Jews were scared because of the hatred parts of Europe had on the Jewish population. There were many Jewish riots because of hatred against Jews and the biggest one killed forty two Jews but beat many others.


Here is a man that lived after the con

The real problem was these innocent Jews were getting dehumanized and tortured for the reason of their religion. The problem was that no one was stopping what was going on and it kept on becoming a bigger problem. Soviet Forces were the first to arrive at a major Nazi camp in Poland in 1944. The Germans were attempting to hide the evidence of what happened. When Soviets got to Auschwitz they found hundreds of thousands of men's suits and 14,000 pounds of hair.

Death Marches

Death Marches were a very cruel thing that Germans did to the Jews. Death Marches consisted of making the Jews run fast as they can non stop for miles and miles. If any prisoner got tired and stopped they were trampled and stomped all over and eventually die. If you decided to step out of line to take a break you were shot automatically. Reason for this was to make them die so they wouldn't live to share their experiences in the concentration camps.

Here is some Jews in the death march

Gas Chambers

The Germans were so mean that they told the Jews that if they would take off all there clothes and remember where you laid them they would take a good clean refreshing shower. But the Nazis lied and when they were placed in the showers it wasn't water that came out it was Zyklon B, which is a gas that kills people instantly. This was a common way to wipe out Jews in the concentration camps but was very cruel. Zyklon B is a carrier for the gas Hydrocyanic

Here is some Zyklon B gas that was used to kill Jews in gas chambers.
Here is a gas chamber where Jews died

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