Addie Mejia Core 1

While being in a comfortable position and having good posture, we took deep breaths, opening our minds letting everything flow out. As the calming music in the background relaxes you, you continue to take deep breaths and everything around disappears as you stay in your own world. Continuing the deep breathing you start your mantra. The soothing sound relaxes you. An other thing we did is pretty much plain relaxing. As you are lying down you let someones soothing voice lead through a journey in which they describe the bigger details but you can customize the smaller details. Finally we listen to a calming woman's voice relax your body. Going from your head to your toes the voice makes you think your body is completely relaxed.

I was personally feeling tired in the first place and a little tense. The meditation obviously relaxed me. After awhile the deep breathing started feeling odd as the cold air came in and the warmer air flows out. As you start your mantra your body is numb and the soothing sound just relaxes you. When we were laying down and listening to the voice of the teacher everything else around doesn't matter as you are in your own world. Later we listened to the a calming voice convincing us that our bodies are relaxed with almost no feeling through out your body. I would like to meditate again by myself because I love how relaxing the whole thing is.

meditation - The journey in which you relax and let all your thoughts escape.

mantra - A soothing sound in which you make during meditation.

deep breathing - Breathing in and out for a long period of time.

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