My PAAC Digital Portfolio 2014-15   By: Erick Perdomo 7th period

E-mails and Blogs         

We use E-mails and Blogs to send a brief  summary of what we have learned in the class or the week , also to post what we know about the topic and how to use it.

Digital Photography

Digital Photography , we use Cameras to take pictures and how to use and manipulate  a camera and to upload the photos in the computer.


In Animation we learned to make penny bounce and we use a piece of paper to make the penny bounce but every time we took a picture in each position than we put them together and we use I movie to animate it and make it look like it was bouncing.


We take a picture or images and we put technical features also we customize them to make it better or give them a little touch.

Game Design

In game design we learn the elements of the game and how to create one and also to make the rule and how a game works . Also we learn when the games were created and what techniques the designers use to make them .

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