Drunk driving!

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Drunk driving is a very irresponsible thing to do and it can cost the life of others. The man you see above is a victim of drunk driving. His name is Michael Collins. He was a young baseball athlete appreciated by a lot of his friends and families. Here is his storie. On March 28, 2014, Michael Collins a 22 years old young man went out with his friends at a spring formal near his campus. He was about to graduate a degree in exercise science from Illinois state university. During the day, Michael was picked up by a designated driver with his friends. Suddenly, a drunk driver ran a red light and crashed the car Michael and his friends were. The young baseball player had a big head trauma and was rushed into emergency brain surgery. he tried to stay alive for four days after the incident but died on April 2nd.

How we can see, drunk driving is dangerous even if you are not drunk. Nobody is safe from this sad thing because we don't know the people around us. After reading this storie, it is primordial to be careful while driving. It can cost the life of innocent people like Michael who had a bright future ahead of him. It's ironic to think that he was be careful the night he went out but because of somebody stupid, he paid the price of dying.

To finish, I think we have to be aware of the decision we take because it can heart a lot of people. Per example, all the friends and families of Michael were affected by his death. When you make a mistake you don’t heart just one person, you heart and make sad or make cry all of the entourage of the person. In other words, drive smart!

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