Mont Tremblant

Located in Quebec City

Mont Tremblant is a place where you can have fun. Here a few things that you could do at Mont Tremblant.


Our favorite activity is paint ball. When you play paintball at Mont Tremblant you get  a face mask, a suit, a precision paintball gun, unlimited co2, neck protector, gloves, a ammunition belt and a hat.


This place is awesome for family and adults they even have a casino so you can waste all your money. They also have road biking and they have mountain biking and if you want some relaxation you could also play some golf or you could go to a Spa but if you want some fun you could go skiing. Also you can rent equipment and they have a resort. also you can ride a snowmobile. Another thing that you can do is go dogsledding.

By: Askari,Kristian, and Osama

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