Ned Kelly

Hero, Villain or Victim

Proof that he is a Villain

From the little information that survives from Ned Kelly, it seems that he was a Hero, for he was seen as the Australian version of Robin Hood which has contributed in the making of Australia's history, a vicious Villain and a poor Victim. I believe he was a villain because he killed people and left innocent families without fathers, grandparents and other loved ones thanks to his wrong sense of Justice and immorality. The following paragraphs you are about to read are extracts from the past, views from Dan Kelly and Constable McIntyre from the Stringybark Creek incident an event which happened in Ned Kelly´s life.

Perspective from Dan Kelly.

"We where hiding behind a large, thick Gumtree ready to attack two old, unpleasant looking scallywags sitting by the camp fire, one of them seemed to be making tea for the 2 other men as Edward said. Edward knew the exact location of the camp and the number of men and horses stated in it. After a few minutes after 5pm Edward, or Ned, as most people know him, gave the word, it was time to advance.

The rises and long grass or rushes had provided us with excellent cover until we got close enough and when we did, we had the 2 scallywags surrounded. We approached them from behind and one of the boys said "bail up, throw up your arms." one of the men did as he was told to do, whereas the other one, decided to take refuge behind an old fallen gumtree and at the same time put up his revolver,but before he could move 2 places Ned shot the man dead. There he lay, still and quiet. I am quite sure he was saying "oh Christ, I am shot." He died silently in a few minutes. Ned later asked us to search the living man to see if he was armed, it turned out he wasn´t. Ned approached the dead mans body and said "What a pity, what made the fool run?" He asked the name of the living champ, he said he was called McIntyre. Ned asked the location of the two men, and said he would put a hole through McIntyre if he told a lie. McIntyre told him and hoped they would not be shot in cold blood. Ned replied "No, I am not a coward. I'll shoot no man if he holds up his hands."

After a few Hours of waiting, we heard the clopping of approaching hoses, Ned figured out it was the other 2 men so we hid and waited for them to arrive and what followed next was not pretty."

Perspective from McIntyre

"Hey Lonigan, you mind passing me the boiled water. "Bail up, through up your hands." Lonigan do as they say and put up your hands, I think it the Kelly gang! ( Lonigan runs and takes refuge behind an old fallen Gum tree) No Lonigan come back!! ( Lonigan puts his hand on his revolver and at the same time Ned shoots him.) NO, LONIGAN. Oh no what will I tell the others? How can I warn them? (Ned approaches Lonigan) What is he going to do to me? Will I end up just like Lonigan? Huh, ahhh few, for a moment I thought they were going to kill me but there just searching me! I am unarmed!! ( Ned asks McIntyre his name) My name is Constable McIntyre, and I believe you are Ned Kelly and this is your gang. (Ned answered and asks the location of the 2 other men) They are down by the creek searching and keeping an eye out for you and your gang for we were sent here to apprehend you. But I guess its too late!! Mr. Kelly, or Ned, may I ask you a favor, please don´t kill the other 2 men, especially not in cold blood there are just doing there job, they are paid to do it, its not there fault! (Ned replies, a few hours pass) We have been waiting for hours were are Scallon and Kennedy? (horse clops in the distance) I think its them!! oh I hope they don´t suffer like Lonigan did."

Ned Kelly

Over the past few years there has been some serious thinking and arguments over weather Edward "Ned" Kelly is a Hero, Villain or Victim. As a matter of fact, I believe Ned Kelly is a Blood thirsty Man or a Villain. From Robbing banks to killing people, people still believe that he is some sort of Australian Robbin Hood. That is rubbish, Ned Kelly didn´t give to the poor, he didn´t save anybody, he saved himself, he only cared about himself. And people still believe that he is a hero, he was a villain, a coward and a murderer.

A good example of proof that he is a criminal is when the gang committed two major bank robberies and one of them was at Jerilderie, New South Wales. Early on Sunday 8th February, 1879 the Kelly´s rode into the town of Jerilderie in NSW, and the first thing they did was bail up Constables Devine and Richards at the police station so that the alarm could not be given that the Kelly´s where in town. The police were then locked up in their own cell at the police station. And again, there is another example of the what so called "Hero" did. He was a coward and decided to lock the 2 men up in there own cells so that the police didn´t come and give Ned the punishment he deserved.

That proves that Ned Kelly was a Criminal, a theft, coward and Most of all NOT A HERO. So in the end, I strongly believe that Ned Kelly was not a hero or a victim, but a villain. And hopefully one day more people will wake up and notice that Ned Kelly got what he deserved.

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