Week of April 6th

What actions did you run on your photos?

Path- I used CoffeeShop ColorPop 3 and Define and Sharpen. I also adjusted the Brightness and Contrast.

Friendship- I used Hendrix, Pop Monster lite, Bobby Dazzler, and Sharpen THIS.

Rise and Shine-  I used Antique Overlay, Whipped Cream, Define and Sharpen, and Sharpen THIS.

Starts with A- I used CoffeeShop Vivid and Define and Sharpen. I also adjusted the Brightness/Contrast, Clarity, Blacks, Whites, and Exposure in Lightroom.

Why did you run these actions?

Path- I wanted to bring out the green in the grass and trees so I ran ColorPop 3.

Friendship- I ran these actions because I liked the way they each brought out the color in the photo.

Rise and Shine- I wanted to give the photo a brownish tint to make it seem like coffee but it's really chocolate milk, since I start every morning with a glass of chocolate milk.

Starts with A- I ran ColorPop because I wanted to bring out the acrylic paint.

Which is your favorite photo? WHY

My favorite is path because I really like how the green pops in the picture and your eyes can be lead in many directions by the several implied lines.

Which is your least photo? WHY

My least favorite is Starts with A picture. I don't like the flash streak showing in the bottles.

Rise and Shine
Starts with A