Hie, Myself Inzmamul Huq I am putting up in Chandigarh... i am a student of Bsc from Punjab University. and I do acting with GCDC theater group.... I have done my schooling from Kendriya Vidyalaya school... When i was a school boy, i used to think that i want to become a Scientist then after sometime i thought no, i want to become a IAS Officer, then after sometime i thought no, not all this... i jst want to become a cricketer, then i came to know what actually i want to become.. and yes it was acting which attracted me ... coz it is the only field in which i can live all the characters in one life.. Now i am a theater artist and m working and getting knowledge about acting from books and from my director... What i know about acting is that an actor should have full control over his nervous system.. some people say that acting is to express emotions and not to get emotional but i think you should do ur role with ur emotions and switching on/off your emotions is a skill. It is difficult in the beginning but with the time it becomes easy for an actor to change his/her mood according to the situation..To become a successful actor was a dream of mine from childhood. A want to be a Successful Actor in life. Film industry is waiting For me. "I AM COMING "

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i love you