Tools of the Trade

Joselito Bollozos


Edmodo is a simple way to contact and collaborate with other students and teachers on your computer, phone, or other electronic device.


You can use Edmodo to easily communicate students and teachers for help with assignments.

You can get extra help with classwork or homework.


Remind is an easy way to get messages directly from you teacher using your smartphone. You can use Remind simply by putting in your phone number and then you receive school related texts from your teacher.


Reminds you of due dates and other assignments.

Easel.Ly is an easy way to create visual representations for projects or other classwork using simple creative tools.


Less time consuming than a PowerPoint or poster board.

Completely free


Tackk is a simple way to create info graphics and web pages.


Palettes, backgrounds, and various fonts.

IB Design Cycle

Inquiring and analyzing

Students are presented a situation/problem, and they must find a solution.

Explain and justify the need for a solution.

Identify and prioritize research to create a solution.

Analyze existing products that inspire a solution to the problem.

Develop detailed brief which summarizes the analysis of relevant research.

Developing Ideas

Students write a detailed specification, which drives the development of a solution.

Develop a design specification

Develop a range of feasible design ideas which can be correctly interpreted by others.

Present the final chosen design and justify its selection

Develop accurate plans.

Creating the solution

Students plan the creation of chosen solution and follow the plan to create a prototype sufficient.

Logical plan.

Demonstrate skills while creating solution


Students will evaluate the solution created. They will test its usefulness and effectiveness.

Think of alternate solutions if it doesn't work.

Think of how it can be improved.

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