Hey Dad

… I Love You

Hey Dad! How was work? Want to throw the ball? You sit in your chair; I’ll sit on the floor. Let’s see if we can get to 100 catching with only one hand. (I remember this like it was yesterday)

Hey Dad! How was your day? Ready for practice? I’m so glad you're my coach. (You coached EVERYTHING)

Hey Dad! I can’t believe you took your hat off and put it on Derrick’s mom’s head when she complained about Derrick not playing enough. For a second I thought you were really quitting! How did you know that she didn’t really want to coach? (This was a classic. The best little league coaching move ever. She didn’t say another word all season.)

Hey Dad… Thanks for not getting mad when I broke your glasses wrestling. I didn't mean to and you knew that. I was just going hard. (Probably one of the better lessons you taught me. You sometimes break things when you go hard… and you should always go hard.)

Hey Dad! That was awesome! I can’t believe you came out of the stands in your cast to coach us… and I can’t believe we came back from 4 runs down in the last inning to win! You’re the best coach ever! (I can’t remember you NOT being there… physically and spiritually. But coming down to motivate a bunch of little leaguers and willing us to win was epic.)

Hey Dad… Can you believe we won the State Championship!!?? And thanks for driving the van to Arkansas. Man… that’s a long way from South Carolina. (That was one heck of week, wasn’t it?)

Hey Dad… I can’t believe we lost again. We should be better than that. Thanks for listening to me complain. And thanks for coming to watch every game no matter what the weather, no matter where we play. Heck, you’re at most of our practices too. (Mauldin Football, 1-9)

Hey Dad… Thanks for supporting me going to Wofford to play baseball instead of Clemson. I know it’s a ton of money… thanks for not making me feel guilty. ($7,000 a year seemed like all the money in world back then)

Hey Dad… I’m glad you and mom came to Florida for spring break. You guys didn’t really have to make the trip… I’m just riding the bench. But it’s great to have a supportive father pepping me up after each game. (One week… 12 games and I didn’t play in one of them… but you cheered me as if I were the star. That meant more than to me than when you watched me start and make all conference for the next three years… I think you know what I mean).

Hey Dad! Thought you wouldn't be able to come to the game today? I looked up in the second inning and there you were on the hill. Are you taking your vacation a half-day at a time? (Every time you said you couldn’t make, I’d look up and you were there… you were, and still are, Superman to me).

Hey Dad… thanks for helping me move into my first apartment after college. I’m excited and a little nervous. All the advice you’ve given me helps a lot. I’m going to be just fine.

Hey Dad… thanks for being a great father-in-law as well as a great Dad. She's an amazing woman, isn't she?

Hey Dad… You're going to be just as good of a grandfather as you are a dad.

Hey Dad… thanks for coming down. I know I said you didn’t need to but I’m a basket case and I don’t want to worry Teresa any more than she is. I don’t know what I’d do without you and Mom. (That shooting was surreal… I really needed you and Mom then and you knew that even when I didn’t)

Hey Dad… Ready to go to the game? I can’t think I’ve ever had a better week with you… golf in the morning, College World Series in the afternoon, then dinner… wake up and do it all again! (One of the best sports week of my life. That was fun, huh?)

Hey Dad... Thanks for coming to visit us in Germany. You’ve come to visit us in every place we’ve ever lived.

Hey Dad... Thanks for supporting me resigning. If I hadn’t been raised to believe in myself I would have never had the courage to do that.

Hey Dad… every time we talk about my decision to walk away from a successful business career to follow my passion and join Wofford you find another way to tell me it was the greatest move in the world. (I could work at McDonalds and you'd make me feel like the President of the United States.)

Hey Dad… thanks. For everything. And I mean everything.

Hey Dad… I love you.