by Tanner Bentley and Orlando Ortiz

Ecuador has had tribes for 1000's of years until the Incas arrived and forced them out.After that Spanish explorers came and found Ecuador in 1534 by Francisco Pizzarro.In 1822 Ecuador gained independence from Spain when Simon Bolivar and his army defeated the Spanish.At first they were apart of Gran Columbia but then they seperated and became Ecuador.


                                                         Total Size: 283,560 square km

                                                            Continent: South America

                              Terrain: Coastal Plains, Central Highlands, Eastern Jungle

              Climate: Tropical along coast, becomes cooler inland, and becomes                                                                                 tropical in the Amazon Jungle

                                                                 Capital: Guayaquil

                                                              Cloud Forest Hotel

           Cost: 15 in US per person for a room           Water and Bathroom: Yes                                  Showers: Hot                Electricity: Yes              Internet: No                     Kitchen: No                                                            Restaurant: Yes                   Parking: Yes

                                       Price per night includes breakfast and dinner

Founded by Richard and Gloria Colombo in 1991.Started off as a private reserve and then turned into an lodge.Includes a reserve that you can freely walk around on.Some of the organisms are hummingbirds, toucans, antpittas, and tanagers.

                                               Transportation will not be provided

                                                            House of Treaties

A military museum known for the history of wars that involved ecuador.Upon entering you will find a 1929 monument to Great Mariscal Antonia Jose' de Sucre.                                                                           

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