"Often, victims of misfortune try to console themselves with with the idea that God has [God's] reasons for making this happen to them, reasons that they are in no position to judge"(17)

1.  We had 18 people who agreed, 7 who disagreed, and 2 who were in the middle. Those who agreed often discussed God's greater plan and how saying thay God has reasons for everything is a common coping mechanism come tragedy. Those who disagreed didn't think that God was capable of hurting people and could not be responsible for such pain.

2. Kushner's arguement is that people try and justify their own suffering by telling themselves that God meant for things to happen this way for some unknown reason. This is unsatisfactory for the victims because, in the case of Helen, many do not feel comfort when told that "thinks happen for an reason."

3. This quote can alter one's perspective on God in that he is portrayed as being all-powerful and purposeful, yet mysterious. The victims of suffering are unaware of this larger plan and often confused and vulnerable.

4. A lot of suffering seems unnecessary, why would God do that to people? What is the point of poverty and all these other common misfortunes?

for everything, there is a seasonfor every trial, God has a reasona time to be tested, a time to be stilla time to hurt, a time to heala time to fail, a time to growa time to doubt, a time to knowa time of suspicion, a time of beliefa time of pain, a time of reliefto everything, there is a seasonfor every worry, God has a reasona time to be weak, a time to be stronga time to be right, a time to be wronga time to be sorry, a time to be glada time to be happy, a time to be sada time to be anxious, a time to resta time to release, a time to digestto everything, there is a seasonfor every battle, God has a reasona time to fight, a time to make peacea time to let go, a time to reacha time to lose, a time to wina time to be wrong, a time to give ina time to turn away, a time to followa time to trust, a time to wallowto everything, there is a seasonfor every soul, God has a reasona time to die, a time to be reborna time to rejoice, a time to mourna time to squelch, a time to expressa time to hold back, a time to confessa time of death, a time to livea time of shame, a time to forgiveto everything, there is a seasonfor every man, God has a reason!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Ecclesiastes 3:1King James VersionTo every thing there is a season,and a time to every purpose under the heaven:


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