Secret Service Project

By Will M

This is about the secret service project.Or what I like to call the S.S.P.We have to do good deeds for 7 days.Example on Sunday I made my brothers bed.Then on Monday I cleaned my moms car out.

It impacted my mom and brother.My mom said said thank you Will for doing those good deeds.Then my brother said Thank you brother.The reason it impacted them was because I did good deeds out of the blue.When I did them I was reward.

It made me feel good.It made me want to keep doing good deeds for the rest of my life.I thought to myself if people see me doing good deeds these good deeds then other people could start doing good deeds to.It could change the whole world.Like the quote creativity is contagious the same with the deeds.

I think that all this good deeds stuff could change lives.This was a pretty fun project.I think other schools should do this to.This stuff could change the world.DO YOU THINK THE SAME THING?

People risked their lives to help people in need.Anybody can do the right thing.This video  is about heroes that risk their lives.

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