Cell Domains & Kingdoms

By Vladimir S.

The Cells Shown above are archaeabacteria cells; Prokaryotic,Unicellular,Heterotrophic Cells. All archaeabacteria are also either thermophiles or halophiles wich is the only seperation between Eubacteria & Archaebacteria.


Eubacteria cells are Prokaryotic,Unicellular,Heterotrophic Cells wich are used to moderate enviroments.

Eukaryota Cells

The eukaryota domain is the only domain containing eukaryotic cells and has 4 kingdoms; Anamalia such as you and me,Protista,Plantae,and Fungi.

For your sake i have added both an animal and plant cell below so you can see all of the parts in a cell.

Above is an animal cell.

Below is a Plant cell.

As you could guess a plant cell goes in the Plantaea kingdom and an animal cell in the animalia kingdom.


The animal kingdom consists of Animals(duh) but i should go over specific types :)            All animals are Eukaryotic,multicellular,heterotrophic organisms across many orders and genuses. Below I have added the classification of human beings.


The plantae kingdom consists of plants such as trees and flowers. Below I have taken  the liberty of  placing a classification of a moss rose below this small "paragraph".


The fungi kingdom consists of mainly mushrooms and other decomposers that can easily be mistaken for plants by some people. I was unable to find any charts for fungi that were  good but I have added pictures for all other subjects so not including one picture should be fine.... Ughh;fine ill add my own chart below for you... if i cant find anything for the final kingdom i'm not adding pictures of my own....

... You're welcome....


Protistae cells are Unicellular,Eukaryotic cells that can be auto or heterotrophic,asexual or sexual organisms. Even things you wouldn't except to be protista such as algae are under the kingdom protista;or protists. Below is a protista cell

I hope that this information has raised your intellect vastly about the domains and kingdoms of the cells.

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