By: Hannah Beegle, and Jenna Palmer    
North  4-23-2014  

Dining etiquette in Benin

          In Benin they have the following dining rules....

  ~When eating meat you have to eat everything including the bones.

   ~When the host gives you your beverage they take a sip to show no poison, then they spit it out, so you then take a sip and also spit it out.

   ~You are not allowed to eat pork.

   ~You are not allowed to have alcohol.

   ~You are not allowed to invite Muslims over for a meal during Ramadan.

   ~You are not allowed to use your left hand while eating


  We found these dining rules were very interesting and specific because we found that the host taking a sip of your drink was surprising to us because here in America we might find this rude and  disgusting. In Benin they are not allowed to have alcohol, but in America you can. Also in Benin they can never use there left hand to eat, but in America you can eat with whatever hand you want. It is important to know the dining etiquette rules of a place before you travel there because you wouldn't be prepared, you could embarrass yourself, and you could offend the citizens that live there.  

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