12/19/14 Advice and Guidance


1. Focus on something- Pick up some kind of hobby to occupy your time and not just be constantly thinking about your situation

2. Stay positive- No matter the circumstances stay positive and look ahead

3. Keep Moving- Do not dwell on a bad circumstance keep moving forward with the two ideas above kept in mind


I am grateful for,

1. A warm house especially with the tundra like temperatures coming our way

2. Readily available quality education and support from both teachers and parents to succeed

3. Always having a meal and not having to worry about how or when I am able to eat

4. Being able to travel and visit new places, have new expiriences and the meet new people

5. A loving family who always supports me and wants me to succeed.

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3 years ago

Thoughtful and succinct, Noah. Challenge yourself to use some of the other available aspects of tackk to create a post that conveys your message through color, font, pictures, video, etc and your words.