Hero Land

of the Good

Hero Land of the Good was found in a different galaxy in a different planet. The founder of the new world was called Hiro Great, an inventor from the planet Earth in the year 3015. He had created a Galaxy machine that had made him travel across space. Hiro and other companions had joined him and created the new land. Hiro wanted the land to be a place of adventure and good. So the news had spreaded around the world of the new land, and many people from Earth moved to Hero land of the Good, to gain a super power and fight the evil. when a newborn is born in the Hero Land of the Good, the child automatically receives a super power for life.

Hero Land of the Good believes in the galaxy they live in. They believe that the reason they have super powers is because of the galaxy. The galaxy has the power to make anyone or anything gain or be born with a super power. Without the galaxy's source they wouldn't be able to do what they do. Everyone in Hero land of the Good, loves and cheris their unique universe. The Religion is called Galaxia Wonder.

All the people from Hero Land of The good, protect each other in every way. Whenever a hero needs help from another hero,they both unite to defeat the enemy and win. All the heroes struggle in a tough situation in most of the time, but they do whatever it takes to protect each other. Everyone tries to do their best to protect the community.

The people from Hero Land of the Good, live in one of the most extraordinary beautiful places in the universe. Hero land of the Good looks at its best after it rains. Hero Land of the Good is mostly surrounded by beautiful trees and flowers. Everyone has a beautiful home where you can go on a peaceful walk around the neighborhood. The land is an enchanting place that looks like Tokyo and Paris.

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