Inheritance pt.2

-"ain't gonna sell that piano. Cause her daddy died for it"

It's related to inheritance because, her dad died trying to get the piano with her family  tradition on it, so it was passed onto her...and now she's not gonna sell it.

The piano is very important because the family was separated due to slavery, and the piano has all the family tradition on it...

The conflict is that, the grandfather and grandfathers mother was sold for the piano. Then she missed the slaves so she tried to get it back but she couldn't. She fell sick, then called the grandpa in to carve the faces of the slaves on the piano. He carved the whole family's story. Then she was happy then died. The sons of the little boy that was sold for the piano felt that the piano was there's due to its history so they stole it. Then the girls dad died so she and her brother inherited the piano. Now the brother wanted to sell the piano but the sister didn't so the grandpa explained why there not gonna sell it.

I think they should sell it, bcuz it seems like there not gonna use it and it cost a lotta money.

But that's just my opinion.