Auburn's Financial Portfolio

       When I interviewed my mom about our monthly budget plan I never expected to hear what I heard, or to think that it could be so complicated.

        I learned that a well can save you a lot of money on your water bill. I also learned that you really don't need to spend a lot on clothing.

       When looking for a job, I know it's important to like your job so you can do your best at it, but it's also important that it pays enough to keep you running, so I chose to be what I've  always wanted to be, a teacher. Now I've got a monthly income of $2,708.33.

       Being a teacher, I don't get a very high starting salary, so that means that I live in  a 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom apartment, and am driving a Ford Fiesta without a furry friend to keep me company.

      When I planned my monthly budget the first time I was surprised to see that I could afford my monthly expenses without going over my salary, that means I created a balanced budget. I created a balanced budget by spending only $150.00 on entertainment and not purchasing a pet right away.

       Creating this spreadsheet helped me see that you have to spend your money wisely and think of future expenses.

        This project helped prepare me for having to think wisely about where my money goes, and not to worry about not having enough money in my starting salary, because it is just a starter.

        This project was very fun and it helped me a lot, I can not wait to try this for real.

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