Germanium's the best, forget the rest!

By Jessica Shelton


There are many different chemical and physical properties for Germanium. Germanium is a hard, silver, shiny, metalloid. It is similar to a diamond. It looks like a block of tin foil. It is closely related to tin. The density of germanium is 5.323 grams. It's boiling point is 5,131°F and it's melting point is 1720.85°F. At room temperature, germanium is always a solid.

Common Uses

Some common uses for germanium include guitar amps, stainless steel jewlery and microscopic lenses. Sometimes germanium is also used in chemotherapy.

Why you need it to survive

Germanium bonds with hydrogen in place of oxygen and prevents us wasting oxygen. This is how germanium supports the body and keeps the body healthy. Living on a planet with no oxygen, you want to preserve as much as you possibly can.

Germanium improves the body’s way of healing. When a drug is taken, in order for it to work, the drug has to be absorbed and reach cells or system. Germanium in your body helps make the drug reach the cells faster.

Biological Need-

It keeps your body well. As you read above, it keeps your body in order. It preserves your oxygen and brings important stuff to your cells.

Social Need- There really isn't a "demand" for germanium.

Functional Need- You could use germanium for weapons. Making swords and shields. You could also use it for tools.

Defensive Need- Like I said above, using germanium to create weapons is a good idea. You could easily defend yourself with a shield and a sword. You could also use it for armor.


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