Inventions of the Past

By: Marcus Myvett

Information about Lego's

Invention: Lego

Inventor: Ole Kirk Christianen

When it was invented: 1947



1. Kid's could pass time while building Lego's, and also have fun.

2. Parent's could have time to themselves while the kids are building their Lego's.

3. The children would have to count the Lego's, which is math, so while they are having fun, they are also learning.

4. If they didn't have instructions, they would have to make their own Lego creations, which allows them to be creative.

How Lego's Have Developed Over The Years

1. Duplo made building blocks that little children could play with them.

2. A brighter, stronger plastic was made, so Lego's would look glossier, and sell better.

3. They made instructions so you could build almost anything out of them.

4. They have testers to see how the Lego's work, and make new sets.


1. A small Lego piece could be easily be swallowed by a young child.

2. It hurt's when you step on a Lego piece.

3. Lego sets break easily.

4. You don't have a wide variety with just one Lego set.

Paragraph Time

One More Thing . . . . .

Lego's are great. They're fun to play with, and they're very creative. You can build almost anything out of them, from superheros to sundaes. I still love to play with them. They're entertaining for any age. In the past, they were made of wood, so every time you wanted to build something with them, you would always get a splinter. I hope that in the future, Lego's will be free, so I could get all of them.