information about comets

The Nucleus of a comet is made of small or big ice. Scientists believe that there is trillions of comets. Comets orbit the Sun. The name comet means "hair of the head" in Greek named by the Greek philosopher, Aristotle. The coma is created as it gets closer(the comet) to the sun, causing water, carbon dioxide, and other compounds to surface. Halley's comet is the most known comet. Comet Halley appeared in the inner solar system in the year 1986.Comets where formed about 4.5 billion years ago. comets also include methane. It can take a comet less than 200 years to one million years to orbit the sun. About 30% of comets are made of metals. 70% of a comet is made of gas and water. Comets are made in the Kuiper belt and the Oort cloud. Halley's comet appears every 76 years. comet Halley's mass is 1.7x10 75 .The Oort cloud is 150 millions km from sun. The rotation period is less than 613,000 days. A comet takes less than 200 years for the revolution period to occur. A comet is made of Sublimated gases and mixed dust and frozen gases and more dust

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