Dear Dumb Diary Can Adults Become Human?

I am reading Dear Dumb Diary Can Adults Become Human. The characters  in my book are Jamie Kelly, who likes to write in her diary. There is also Angeline who is pretty and a big show off. The main settings are at the school and at her house were all the drama happens. Someone she doesn't like is Angeline who always gets her sent to the principle. The book is just about Jamie's life, problems, and drama. I think that the book is funny it is funny because of all the comics. For example there's one where her dads weaken routine try to find a hammer try to fix a wobbly table leg then teach 40 new swear words to the neighborhood. I can't wait to see what happens next.

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3 years ago

Nice job introducing your book, Jaclyn! What are some things Angeline has done to get Jamie sent to the principal? (Tip for spelling principal--It ends in "pal."--The principal is your "pal.") I think it's interesting that she has a name that begins with "Angel" and it sounds like she is not an angel. Do you think we are supposed to infer that her dad is not very good with a hammer? That's a pretty funny way to show that he's not very handy! Making inferences can be a way that authors add humor to a book! What do you think of Jamie as a person so far? Do you like her? What is your opinion of the other characters?