Middle  ages  timeline

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800 - On Christmas day, Charlemagne is crowned emperor by the pope in Rome.

  • This event indicates an autonomous Western culture based on Western Christianity and Latin linguistics.
  • Charlemagne had gone to Rome to help put the affairs of the church in order. On Christmas day, while knelt in prayer in Saint Peter's, the pope crowned Charlemagne emperor by placing a gold crown on his head.
  • He died in 814.

This is an important event in history because he changed lives. He believed that the government should work to benefit those it was serving and was continually working for better reforms to improve the lives of the people.

medieval   europe

1170 - The first European windmill is developed.

  • The earliest windmill in Europe had a post-mill structure.
  • It is called post-mill because the structure sat on a wooden post that allowed the entire structure to turn and face the wind.

This is an important event in history because without windmills, there would be no (easy) way to grind wheat to make bread.

1280 - Eyeglasses are invented and later improved in the late medieval period.

  • Only really weathly people (lords, kings, queens, etc.) were able to see better because they were the only people who could afford them.
  • Eyeglasses were also known as reading stones.

This is an important event in our history because if they hadn't been invented people would not be able to see as easily as they do today with using glasses.

black    death

1348 - Black Death (bubonic plague) reaches England.

  • About 40-50 million people died out of 90 million.
  • The childrens rhyme, "Ring Around The Rosie", is really the symtoms of the plague. A rosie is a bruise colored ring on your body, the 1st symptom. "Pocket full of posies" was supposedly able to keep the plague away. "Ashes, Ashes" was originally "Achoo, Achoo", the 3rd sign of the death. "We all fall down" meant "we all die."

The Black Death is an important event to know about because it destroyed about 1/3 - 2/3 of Europe.

King   arthur

1484 - Caxton prints Morte D' Arthur, the poetic collection of legends about King Arthur compiled by Sir Thomas Malory.

  • According to legend, Arthur was son of King Uther Pendragon, and Merlin the Magician was his mentor and teacher.
  • Arthur pulled a sword (Excalibur) from a stone, and that proved him to be the rightful heir to the throne after King Uther died.

This is an interesting event in history because we do not know if Arthur truly existed, or if he is just a fictional character.

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