I Was an Entrepreneur Masquerading as an Employee #14


Help support our cause in aiding individual's with financial fitness; protect our sensitive financial and personal data from being exposed.

It's not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when!

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Let’s welcome our newest contestant who has been breached because THEIR SYSTEMS ARE VULNERABLE AND OUT DATED!

Or better yet

Let’s welcome our newest contestant who has been breached because they care more about PROFIT, THAN CONSUMER PROTECTION OR SECURITY!

Let’s give a round of applause to Kmart.

Kmart, owned by Sears Holdings, announced Friday that it’s become the latest retailer to suffer a security breach to its payment data systems.

The announcement comes a week after J.P. Morgan Chase disclosed that it was the victim over the summer of a cyber-attack, which compromised the accounts of about 76 million households.

Kmart is not alone in being hit with a credit card breach this year. On Thursday, Dairy Queen announced that 395 store locations had been compromised by Backoff malware. Last month, Home Depot announced that 56 million cards had been compromised in a data breach that lasted five months. Earlier in September, Goodwill revealed that 868,000 cards had been compromised in a point-of-sale attack. Other breaches this year included PF Chang’s, Michaels, and Neiman Marcus. In December, 40 million cards at Target were compromised in what was the biggest retail data breach until Home Depot.

(Fill in the blanks)This is not a _ _ _ _ _ _ _ game!

Welcome to The FEEL Center Project LLC & Financial Fitness Gym

Data breaches aren't about sending you spam. Data breaches are about compromising, exposing and manipulating our  identities. Selling it to the highest bidder and praying you never find out. Should you find out, o’ well the damage is done. Best of luck fighting through the red tape, to getting your situations corrected.

That only opens up a whole new can of worms!

The most disturbing thing I've uncovered since creating The FEEL Center Project & Financial Fitness Gym is, we have already been compromised and exposed. Our sensitive financial and personal data has been manipulated and compromised for years, by businesses, industries, institutions, organizations; government federal, state and local. Allowing the court system to run a muck and take advantage of us, the hard working citizens. Allowing decision makers to approve or deny based on compromised, inaccurate and outdated sensitive financial and personal data.

It’s time to put an end to this!

It’s time to take back our identities!

It’s time put the fear back in those we trusted and were allow to fail us time and time again.

It was once said

“Be strong enough to stand alone, smart enough to know when you need help, and brave enough to ask for it.”

Today I’m doing all three!

I created The FEEL Center Project LLC & Financial Fitness Gym, because I  was compromised and manipulated. I lost just about everything I worked so hard to achieve, but I gained the will to fight back.

60% of the population in the United States is struggling and no one is really doing a thing about it.

The competition is about offering short term fixes, addressing their own need and leaving us the citizens with unanswered questions and unresolved situations.

Income inequality has taken its toll on all ethnic groups, some more than other. However, data manipulation has affected all ethnic groups equally. Not just here in the United Stated; Worldwide!

So I say to you today, I will stand alone if need be to take on this monumental task, I just pray I would have too. I’m smart enough to know with over 7 billion people on this planet, if each person gave $1 dollar, The FEEL Center Project LLC & Financial Fitness Gym could funded it $40,000 dollar efforts one hundred seventy-five thousand times.

So I’m asking everyone, all 7 plus billion of us on this planet, help The FEEL Center Project LLC & Financial Fitness Gym reach our $40,000 dollar goal.

No one is more dedicated or committed than The FEEL Center Project LLC & Financial Fitness Gym in restoring a sense of normalcy in the lives of those who have and are working so hard to make to secure and protect our financial well-being.

My life has not been about trying to get things done; it’s been about getting things done.