Frindle book report
by: Jamie Cohen

The Book Frindle

The book that I read for my book report was Frindle by Andrew Clements. This book was a great book because it was very interesting to see how the made up word frindle kind of changed  Nick's life. (Nick is the main character)  



I chose a pen because in the book Nick changes the word pen to frindle. I also chose a pen because it is a the main object in the book and he also picked up a pen that his friend dropped and instead of saying here is your pen he said "Here is your frindle." He also said to some of his friends "From this day on and forever, i will never use the word pen again. Instead  i will use the word frindle and i will do everything for others to use it too." That is how the story began.



In my book frindle, Nick's teacher, Ms. Granger, loves dictionaries. She uses a blue dictionary because that is what color an adult is suppose to use. She also keeps a dictionary in the front of her room everyday so she can teach with it. The dictionary is like a friend to her. She also teaches English so that is why she has a dictionary.


News camera

I chose the camera because Nick became famous by a lot of reporters coming to his house with news cameras and he also became famous by using the word frindle and then everyone started using the word frindle. After every one started using the word a lot of the news reporters herd about this new word frindle and became interested in the word so, some of the news reporters came to his house and interviewed him.


Lincoln Elementary School

I chose the school because nick went to a school and that is where all the frindle nonsense began. I also chose the school because that is how he got his idea of making a new word (which is frindle)  from his teacher Ms. Granger. Also Ms. Granger had almost 200 kids stay after school and write I am writing this sentence with a pen a hundred times and this all happened in Lincoln Elementary School.


The package

I chose a package because at the end of the story (10 years have past) Nick got a package and a letter. He was surprised to get a package from Ms. Granger. The letter said," Look in this dictionary and you will find something you would never believe in your life." Love, Ms. Granger." Nick opened the dictionary and saw the word frindle in the dictionary.

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