Stop littering

By:Kaylyn Farage


Do you ever think about how much trash is in the world,how dirty it is and even how clean it could be?


This article is going to tell you about littering.It will talk about when,why,and how to stop all some facts about littering.


It is obvious why you should stop littering.Trash can kill animals and animals are apart of our life.They help us with many things like food.And we would also have a happy beutiful world.


There are many fun ways you can stop littrering.You can pick up trash out side,put up posters telling others to stop,,write an article like this one or you can even bring a trash bag with you in the car to put your trash in or to go out side and collect trash.Even though these are some litte ideas it will help,better than nothing!


you always should'nt litter because it is somtimes dangerous.I know somtimes you forget a trash bag and you dnt want to hold it well if that happens you can put it in a cup holder in your car if you dont have one then put it on the floor and when you get out or spot a near trash can you can throw it away.


1.9 billion pieces of litter ends up in the ocean every year. 2.$11.5 is spent every year to pick up trash/litter. 3.50% trash found is cigarette butts. 4.75% people claimed that they have smoked within the past 5 years. 5.The most commom item found litterd is food. 6.Men are most likely to litter than women. 6.You are most likely to litter between ages 18-28.


I hope you enjoyed my tackk,and I hope this is helpful/useful.Thankyou so much for reading all you have to do is remember not to litter and get other people to stop and trust me we will have a beautiful world everyone will be happy and it will be great so dont litter!

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