CONCENTRATION CAMPS (Death camps)      By : Ja'Quan Henderson

death camps - Death camps are where Nazi Soldiers took jewish people too.

Death camps are where Nazi Soildiers took jewish people too. Most jewish people were taken to death camps, where jewish people were killed or were worked to death. Some may have starved and a lot commited sucide, because they knew in the future they may die today or tomorrow. All of the camps together were call '' The Holocaust''. Girls and Boys were known as a number when they lived in concentraion camps.

                                     10 Facts about concentratation camps

  1. German authorities made concentration camps all around germany.

2. Over a million jews were killed in concentration camps in germany.

3. They burned human bodies in ovens, dead or alive.

4. Over 1.1 million children in the camps

5. There was multiple camps around Germany, death camps, work camps and also ghetto camps.

6. The concentration camps were renamed SS Guard Units.

7. Between 1933 and 1945 Nazi germans made 20,000 camps to imprison millions of jews and others.

8. The Germans and their jobs murdered more than three million Jews.

9. All of the camps was known as the Holocaust.

10. Anybody in the camps were known by a Number.

January 30, 1933: President Hindenburg makes Adolf Hitler Chancellor of Germany.

March 20, 1933: SS opens the dachu concentration camp outside of Munich.

April 1, 1933: boycott of Jewish-owned shops and businesses in Germany.

April 7, 1933: The Law for the Reestablishment of the Professional Civil Service.

July 14, 1933: Law for the stop of Progeny with Hereditary Diseases.

September 15, 1935: Nuremberg Race Laws.

March 16, 1935: Germany military conscription.

March 7, 1936: German troops march unchalleged  into the Rhineland.

August 1, 1936: Summer Olympics begin in Berlin.

March 11-13, 1938: Germany took control of austria in the Anschluss(Union).


Adolf Hitler - He was a chancellor of Germany from 1933 to 1945.Geertruida (Truus) Wijsmuller-Meijer - Saved more than 10,000 Jewish children

Miep Gies - The women who tried to save Anne Frank and her family.

Nazi soildiers - They helped lock down concentration camps and secured and capture Jews.

Christian denominations - Sent A letter to the Nazi General Friedrich Christiansen  in protest against the treatment of Jews.

Suzzane Spaak - A Mother of two children who left the comfort of her nice home in paris to join the underground and rescue jews.

                                      A HERO

Geertruida (Truus) Wijsmuller-Meijer - Saved more than 10,000 Jewish children

He rescued and hid Jewish children. He rescued a few hundred jewish children and hid them in schools and old abandon houses.


During this time of the Holcaust A lot of people struggled and could barely survived. People should feel very sad for these people that fought for their lives in concentraion camps and worked for their life.

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