Significant events in the Korean War.

North Korea attacks South Korea

June 25, 1950 North Korea surprises South Jorea by coming over the 38th parallel and suddenly attacking. Truman realized this, saw the similarity between him and what Hitler did and then decided to put his plan of containment to use.


The United States becomes fully involved in the Korean war as Truman gives aid to those in South Korea in order to resist the push of Communism.

The Chinese capture Seoul

The Chinese pushed the UN and South Korean Troops out of North Korea and pushed into Southern Korea and capture their capital.


MacArthur realized they faced an "entirely new war" and called for a nuclear attack on China.

UN Troops regain control of Korea

After two years of fighting, the UN regains control over South Korea in 1952.


In 1953, the UN and North Korea sign a cease-fire agreement and set a border, again near the 38th Parallel.

Korea remains divided

Korea still remains a demilitarized zone even after the war. South Korea resisting Communism, North Korea proclaiming it.


North Korea started to develop nuclear weapons and started having economic problems whereas South Korea prospered thanks to the aid of the UN and America.

1987 Democratic Constitution

South Korea established free elections and during 1980 South Korea had the highest economic growth rate in the world.


The United States still keeps troops in South Korea in order to protect them from the possible threat of North Korean nuclear warfare.

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